“We are committed to delivering and supporting educational and instructional programs to enable school district to meet the needs of students and staff.”

Northeast Colorado BOCES was formed in July 1966 by seven districts. The districts were Akron, Haxtun, Holyoke, Julesburg, Otis, Valley (Sterling), and West Yuma. The following months of that year, Arickaree, Lone Star, Fleming, Merino, and Woodlin were accepted as members, bringing the total to 12. The initial project selected by the members was to form an area vocational school for students. In January of 1967, a cooperative to provide special education was agreed upon.

Presently, Northeast Colorado BOCES has 12 members: Akron, Fleming, Haxtun, Holyoke, Julesburg, Lone Star, Merino, Otis, Peetz, Revere, Wray, and Yuma. Today these districts participate in special education, professional development, teacher preparation, federal grants, gifted & talented, media, data, technology, career and technical education, school to work, and cooperative purchasing programs.

All Northeast Colorado BOCES programs are initiated and governed by member districts. These programs are flexible and may change from year to year depending on the needs of its members. By forming a cooperative, members are able to provide more efficient and effective programs and services for the advancement of student achievement.