We are excited to announce our Northeast BOCES partnership with the CU Boulder School of Education for an online Teacher Leadership program, which is newly approved by the Colorado Board of Regents. This innovative online Teacher Leadership program offers graduate certificates that can lead to a Master’s degree. This program is offered entirely online and is organized around on-demand, self-paced courses with synchronous capstone courses held in the summer. Teachers can choose to take classes and complete individual certificates without enrolling in the full Master’s degree program. Each certificate will take a year for a working teacher to complete with an ideal start time in August/September. We start in August 2020! Register for our information session to be held on TUESDAY, JULY 7,and MONDAY JULY 20, 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. via our Northeast BOCES website, www.neboces.org or via the Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cu-boulder-online-masters-program-information-session-tickets-111197978146.

The courses are designed with input from educators to help meet teachers’ needs to improve their classroom practice. The curriculum directly addresses teachers’ everyday practices while giving practical tools that teachers can use in their own classrooms, schools and communities. In order to develop the content of the courses, CU Boulder staff led a series of focus groups with rural teachers in Northeast Colorado to develop the content for the first two certificates: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL); and Teaching Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Students (CLD).Other certificates that are in development include Leading for Change in Science Assessment Practice, Compassion and Educators’ Dilemmas of Practice, and more. The CLD Certificate satisfies the new state requirement for an additional 45 hours of CLD training.

CU Boulder School of Education offers a simple pay-as-you-go model for the courses in the certificate pathways (4 courses per certificate). The cost of each certificate for Colorado residents is about $5000 and about $15,000 for three certificates, or the full Master’s degree (Some fees may vary slightly per term). With grants from the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Northeast BOCES is able to offer generous grant funding for teachers to participate in a certificate beginning in fall 2020!

The SEL, CLD, and Science Assessment certificate tracks (on-demand, flexible, self-paced courses) start in August of 2020 and the Compassion certificate in early fall 2020. Interested teachers should reach out to teacherleadership@colorado.edu to ask questions and to stay updated on the mailing list.

Please see the CU Boulder website for details on this exciting program!


Teacher Leadership | School of Education | University of Colorado BoulderIn order to enroll in a course or the certificate, we have created an easy-access, quick-enroll process. Enrollment opens August 1. From the onset, students interested in taking classes in teacher leadership, enrolling in a certificate program, or enrolling in the MA program have the option to:www.colorado.edu