Alternative Teacher Licensure

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The Alternative Teacher Licensure Program (ATLP) is a one-year program offered by Northeast BOCES. For a K-12 endorsement applicants must hold a degree in the endorsement area from an accredited institution or have 24 semester hours in the endorsement area or earn a passing score on the state approved assessment.The Colorado State Board of Education adopted the Praxis exam for most Colorado endorsement areas effective June 9, 2016.
For more information about the Alternative Teacher Licensure Program contact Arlene Salyards at or call 970-521-2771 ext. 1225.
CDE application can be found at:
More information on the PRAXIS assessment can be found at:


The Colorado Center for Rural Education and the Colorado Department of Higher Education encourage talented individuals interested in teaching to enroll in an alternative licensure program and work in a rural or small rural school district in Colorado. The Rural Alternative Licensure Stipend (RALS) provides recipients with up to $6,000 to pay for a variety of program-related costs (e.g., Alternative Licensure program-, PRAXIS-, Alternative License-, Initial License-, technology- and travel-related costs). If selected as a RALS Scholar, the recipient will receive half the stipend amount at the start of their alternative licensure program and the remaining half after obtaining an Initial License from the Colorado Department of Education.


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The Alternative Principal Licensure Program (APLP) has currently been suspended.  For more information contact Arlene Salyards at or call 970-521-2771 ext. 1225.