2023-2024 Consortium Professional Development 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Monday, September 18, 2023

Friday, November 17, 2023

Friday, January 12, 2024

Consortium Professional Development

This year Northeast Colorado BOCES will be offering the following menu of professional development on our Consortium Professional Development Days.

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  • Teaching with Love and Logic

    • Today’s educators are faced with a dizzying array of competing demands related to implementing new curricula, student testing and other mandates. At the same time, most are seeing ever-increasing numbers of students with significant emotional and behavioral problems, a challenge to manage and maintain a peaceful, positive and effective classroom. That’s why we at Love and Logic have devoted the last four decades to distilling complex theory into a menu of simple yet effective tools.

  • "The New Classroom Instruction that Works" by McRel

    • in this interactive, learner-centered session, participants will learn about:

      • 14 strategies for best first instruction that multiple research studies show have the strongest connections to higher levels of student learning and success

      • A learning model leveraging principles from cognitive science to help you spark students' interest and motivation for learning, deepen their understanding, and expand and apply their knowledge to new contexts and situations.

  • Kagan Cooperative Learning

    • Create full student engagement with Kagan Structures—simple yet powerful cooperative learning instructional strategies. Supported by a large body of scientific research, proven effective in countless classrooms, schools, and districts, this revolutionary way to teach is transforming teaching and learning.

  • Comprehensive Classroom Complexities

    • This session addresses an array of components related to anxiety and perfectionism, underachievement and (self) advocacy, sensory sensitivities as strengths, the regulated classroom, and finally, increasing challenge and engagement. Participants will engage in learning that will boost their skills when it comes to working with students to identify and address the many facets of the classroom.

  • CTE Agriculture, Business, and FCS/

    Counselor's Cohort

    • Career and technical educators and counselors will engage in professional learning that directly relates to their area of specialization. Within their individualized cohorts, family and consumer sciences, agriculture, business, and counselors, participants will receive training from the Colorado Department of Education, planned activities that are educator-led, work-based learning training, and individualized training for their cohort.

  • Substitute Teaching Training

    • Selected substitute teachers will engage a series of in-person professional development trainings covering classroom management, instructional strategies, professionalism, and technology to effectively teach in any grade level classroom with confidence. In between trainings, participants will engage in reading, online content, and cohort style check-ins. Register here! Information flyer

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