occupational therapy text

Some kids may qualify for free OT services at school through an IEP (It’s unusual to get services through a 504 plan). To see if your child qualifies, you can request an evaluation at any time.


Occupational therapy is a related service that provides education related services for students with disabilities.  These services can enhance the student's potential for learning and facilitate the performance skills needed to function within the education system.  Occupational therapy brings a special perspective to educational teams, particularly in situations where a child's development and occupational performance are disrupted by disabilities or vulnerabilities in activities of daily living, in work and productive activities, and in play or leisure.

One exercise for fine motor skills might be for kids to pick up items with tweezers. To help with hand-dominance, kids may practice cutting out things with scissors. To build gross motor skills, kids may do jumping jacks, catch balls of different sizes, or run obstacle courses.

Some kids with an IEP may get OT in a small group or individually. This is known as direct services. Other times, OTs give suggestions to the teacher, but don’t work directly with kids. This is known as consultation-only services. The IEP team decides which setting is needed.